Apologies and breakups

No one does apologies than the japanese, who always acompany an apology with a bow. A mere social infraction, a bump on the train, and you'll get a tiny movement from the hip. A mistake on your bill, a series of small bows in rapid succession. Corporate CEO's apologising for nose-diving profits at a shareholder meeting are likely to result in tediously long and continuous deep bows, seemingly never ending and showing a level of flexibility from the hip of an old japanese man that you never quite thought you'd see out of a snuff film. 

Well, I have to apologise. And if you can imagine me bowing right now, i'm the japanese CEO. Bad and confusingly complex analogy? Yeah, sorry about that. But what i'm really sorry for is not posting in a while. In the midst of exams, and starting a new job i've become a bit of a mess and food blogging hasn't been my top priority. However, i've realised the error of my ways and you can expect to see much more frequent updates over the next month or two. 

Now that the apology is out of the way, lets get back to food. Right. Pancake Colours is a place that sort of confuses me in Hong Kong. Branches can be found in Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, TST and pretty much everywhere else I think, which is good because they serve a useful public utility. The pancake colours restaurants are a series of eclectically decorated dessert restaurants which teen guys take their 公主病 (princess syndrome) girlfriends to break up with them. 

The appeal of pancake colours is two fold. The pancake/crepe selection is huge, they serve strange but good taiwanese drinks (think crazy lychee bubble tea with hasmar jelly), and its cheaaaaap. Above you can see my delicious white chocolate and cornflake pancake, filled with slutty mock cream (hey, dont even go there - you know you love mock cream), chocolate sauce, vanilla icecream and true to its word, white chocolate shavings and cornflakes. The second appealing feature about pancake colours, is you can eat your delicious pancake whilst watching some teen girl going nuts after being broken up by her robotic HK boyfriend. Hilarious.