Japanese Comfort Food

Price: $38 HKD (1 bowel of udon + tea)
Rating: 10/10 

As if all of a sudden, Hong Kong has gone from uncomfortably humid and sticky to freezing cold in the space of about a week. And no cat. 8 typhoons this year! What is going on with your weather, HK? Either way the temperature has caught me a little of guard and i've come down with a cold. After a shit night out in Soho the night before, I was grumpy and in need of some serious gastronomical pick-me-up. 

I had been meaning to go into MIKAWAYA in Hung Hom for ages. The good reviews on openrice and a couple of personal recommendations led me towards this fairly innocuous looking japanese place. Seating about 15 the place is small, but the staff are extremely friendly (and actually japanese) and the food is damn cheap. 

This place has some serious atmosphere though. Located in a grungy street in Hung Hom with not much going on, this tucked away little eatery is a real gem. I was dining alone (how sad), so only really had the chance to try one dish. The menu is fairly extensive, with different types of udon, japanese curry rice, tonkatsu, ramen and tempura dishes on offer, as well as a small selection of fresh cut sashimi. 

I felt like something a little spicy to clear my sinuses so I called upon a trusty bowl of Curry Udon, which was my favorite dish when I was staying in Tokyo. Nice bits of potato and thick chewy udon (I think they make it themselves!), with a nice spicy and thick japanese style curry sauce. For $38 it's a bargain considering how huge it is, and free green tea as well. While i'm tentative about giving Mikawaya a perfect score having tried only one dish, they've definitely got me going back. Tomorrow in fact, for lunch. And then maybe for dinner. Probably the day after that too.