Peking Handmade Noodle

Peking Handmade Noodle (北京拉麵店)
Price: $60 HKD (per head)
Dined at: 2.30PM
Rating: 7/10 

There is no doubt: I looooove noodles. I stumbled across this place unassuming place in Sai Yueng Choi street after pushing through the hoards in the Sin Tat centre getting their hot-off-the-truck iPhone 5's. 

The menu is huge (and in english too!), and isn't really what you'd call exclusive 'peking' fair. As well as Beijing with a wide variety of noodles being represented, there was a fair few sichuan and chiu chow style dishes on the menu as well. Oh, not to mention Xiao Long Bao & Dan Dan Noodles so I guess Shanghai gets a mention here as well.

First I ordered Cold sliced chicken with rice noodle ($30HKD)

Despite being slapdashedly prepared on a plastic plate, the dish looked and tasted great. Lots of coriander (cilantro) topped thinly sliced chicken on roughly chopped strips of rice noodles with a spicy peanut style sauce. Yummo.

Also I ordered Xiao Long Bao (how can I resist). These were okay, only $20 for 4 so not exactly expensive, and whilst there was plenty of soup it wasn't that tasty. Maybe i've just been spoiled by Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade too much.