Ocio Waffle

Ocio Waffle (窩夫專門店)
Price: $42 HKD (per head)
Dined at: 8.30PM
Rating: 7/10 

A friend had told me about this new waffle place in Kwong Wa street in Mong Kok sandwitched between Tim Ho Wan, and Mr Wongs (a restaurant popular with exchange students). After a big dim sum dinner with friends in Sham Shui Po, we felt like dessert.

This small little cafe has a very hipster vibe to it. Old Mao posters on the walls with an old power swtichboard here and there, and funky acoustic jazz playing in the background. It's so nice to go somewhere with music, why other places in Hong Kong places don't catch onto this trend, I'll never know. The staff are friendly, and menus are quickly given to us which are pretty extensive. They serve a small selection of savoury items like Pasta, eggs on toast and salads. The table next to us had two different pasta dishes and they looked really good

But we were here for dessert. The dessert menu is quite wide and varied with waffles, crepes, creme brulee, apple crumble and mille-feuille style pastries. 

I stuck with a hazelnut waffle which was pretty delicious. The waffle itself was chocolate based, with a thick dark chocolate sauce served over the waffle with hazelnuts, almonds and a lovely hazelnut mövenpick icecream. It was perfectly rich, but if it were any more chocolately it might have been a bit overpowering. 

Dining companion had a Fresh Fruit Crepe which looked absolutely delicious, and tasted so according to her. Packed full with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi fruit, mango and banana. Yum!

So well done to the friendly staff at this lovely little cafe! Will definitely be back. Maybe to try some of that good looking pasta :)