Noodle & Congee Corner (Macao)

Price: 100~HKD per head
Wait time: 0 minutes
Dined at: dinner
Rating: 9/10

Being totally honest, I don't like macao. I don't like boats, so I hate having to go there. I don't like busses, so I hate having to get into a shuttle bus to go to wherever (yes, I know I could get a taxi), and I don't like hoards of mainland tourists shouting and screaming whilst they fritter away their endless supply of money whilst playing blackjack or poker with seemingly no strategy or care to win at all. Macao and me don't totally get along.

I do however like the portugeuse architecture, and I do like the abundance of street foot (like beautiful egg tarts) around the ruins of the old cathedral. 

Also, I have had the chance to stay in some pretty lovely places whilst in Macau. Having explored both the presidential suites at the Sofitel Ponte 16 and a Junior suite at the Venetian, Macao can make for a pretty luxurious break if you stay within the confines of the hotels and casinos. When it comes to eating out though, I always head to the Grand Lisboa.

The grand lisboa is a bit strange compared to its western derivative cousins. The lisboa makes no bones about being squarely catered to mainland chinese tourists. The gaming floor even features some pretty raunchy strip shows in the more twilight hours of the evening. 

But the Lisboa is also blessed with having a number of fantastic dining options, housing 3 michelin stars (one of them going to a Joel Robuchon restaurant) within its complex as well as a Bib Gourmand recommendation for its much more accessible and affordable 'Noodle & Congee Corner'.

Don't let the name fool you, it's all about the dumplings here. Sure, the noodles are great, and you can watch different types of noodles being hand pulled in the windows of the kitchens, but the huuuuge selection on their dedicated dumpling menu is hard to resist. 

Pan Fried Pork dumplings cooked to perfection and sprinkled with sesame seeds, whilst remaining juicy on the inside, bursting with flavour.

Soft skinned mushroom and vegetable boiled dumplings served on an attractive plate. Delicious

Plump pork buns with fluffy exteriors (note: not char siu bau)

Hand pulled fried hokkein noodle with vegetable. Oily, spicy, perfect.

The noodle & congee corner in the grand lisboa is always a safe bet. If in Macao, i'll purposely make a detour to go there. It's a bit hard to find, and you have to wade through the hordes of mainland tourists, but trust me, it's worth it.