Michelin Star Dim Sum (it isn't Tim Ho Wan!)

One Dim Sum (一點心)

Price: 50 HKD per head
Wait time: 30 minutes
Time: dinner
Rating: 9/10

One Dim Sum is quickly becoming my favorite dim sum place in all of HK. Was introduced to this place in Prince Edward about a year ago by a friend, and have been coming back ever since. 

At least one of the staff members recognise me each time I come in, a very tall guy who is extremely friendly. He goes out of his way to explain all the dishes (even though I know perfectly well what they are), and does it all in english (even though i'd prefer to practice my canto, this type of waiter attentiveness and kindness is unheard-of in HK). 

I've bought some of my friends here to try really good HK dim sum. It gets busy, but I never have to wait more than 30 minutes which is not so bad. The flower markets and Fa Yuen market are in the surrounding areas, so you can always go for a walk

Bo lei tea is served on arrived, which is pretty good (not as good as the puh ehr/bo lei at din tai fung) but still nice. Ordering is done fairly quickly, the menu is the placemat and its written in english and chinese. 

Anyway, this time we ordered a lot (too much), but it didn't bother us because the total bill came to $150 HKD for 3 people. That's unbelievable for all we ate. Remember that this is a michellan star restaurant, and for $50 HKD each, its crazy. 

Har gow (shrimp dumplings) - beautiful thin skin, very tasty shrimps, and they dont stick to your mouth too much 

Lor Bak Gau (turnip cake) - really yummy here, with a nice crunchy outside and very soft inside. I always get it served with Chilli sauce and hoisin mixed together, the best way to have it. Comes with 3 on a plate and they're huge and filling. 

Choy Sum (vegetables) - not that exciting, but it's vegetables, and you need them, right? 

Char Siu Bau and Baked Char Siu Bau (BBQ Pork Buns) - I really prefer the baked ones, whilst my friends prefer just the regular steamed ones. There isn't a whole lot of difference at One Dim Sum because the baked ones aren't crunchy like they are at Tim Ho Wan. The filling is still good, and that's all that matters. 

Meatball in egg skin (ngau yuk) - these are SO DELICIOUS - I'll come back just for these. They're better here than most places in HK.

Chiu Chow dumplings (vegetarian) - I really like chiu chow dumplings, the ones here have a very glutenous and thick skin which they should but the filling is so tasty. I think they're much better than other places like Tim Ho Wan or Dim Dim Sum in MK.


Overall - go there, you wont be disappointed. Exit A of prince edward station, and then a short walk up playing field road. OR you can just walk from Mong Kok up Fa Yuen or Sai Yueng Choi, its not far. The wait is definately worth it, the place is consistently busy, the staff are friendly despite being run off their feet and its dirt cheap for some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong.