In Search of Satay: Bali Restaurant (Jordan)

Price: 110HKD (plus service charge)
Wait time: 0 minutes
Dined at: lunch time
Rating: 5/10

Went here on the advice of a few friends, who said they had great satay, and as far as my friends knew, the only place to get Roti Prata in Hong Kong (which somehow I doubt - but if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know). I love roti prata :)

Not too hard to find, just off a small street in Nathan Road, easily accessible by Jordan MTR or a short walk from M.K or Yau Ma Tei.

Went for lunch, was pretty quiet at around 1.30, maybe 4 other tables? It got a bit busier throughout the afternoon, but it wasn't encouraging.

 As soon as I stepped in I was warmly greeted by the boss lady at the counter. I asked her for a table and menu in cantonese (english clearly not an option with her), but she would only talk to me in Mandarin It was a bit weird since she was talking cantonese to everyone else. Didn't really bother me, because i'm ashamed to admit my mandarin is better than my cantonese.

The boss lady was really chatty, she was asking me where I was from and what I did. I told her that I was a student at CityU, she asked what I was studying. This went on until my mandarin abilities ran out She was very lovely and so were the other servers, so points for being friendly.

As for the food... the menu is absolutely massive. I went on others recommendations, ordered chicken satay and roti prata, and an indonesian iced pineapple drink. Boss lady came back a couple minutes later, mei you on the chicken, so I chose beef (which was a little more expensive, but whatever).

First came my pinapple drink. Not great. It looked fairly impressive, chunks of pineapple and crushed ice topped with a bit of rose water. The taste was... well, like water. It really didn't taste of anything, and to be honest I think it was just pinapple, ice and water. The free tea was more tasty

Next was the satay. Yummo. It was verry good. The beef was a little rough, I found a bit of gristle in one of the satay sticks, but the taste was great. It was nicely marinated and cooked, lovely flavours of lemongrass, chilli. The peanut sauce was great too, and there was plenty of it too.

Next came the prata. The prata was perfectly cooked, crispy, oily (which c'mon, it should be ). The curry it came with was quite buttery and sweet, it was nice but actually I found myself dipping my prata in the peanut sauce cause I liked that better.

Now, there is one area that I haven't touched on (and I wish I didn't have to), which is Hygiene. When I first came in, I was taken to a dirty table (which given there was plenty of choices for tables made me wonder how long those bits of rice and noodle had been sat there). I thought it was a bit gross, but it took a while for it to be wiped. It wasn't until AFTER I ordered that it was wiped down by boss lady. Second issue.. my peanut sauce had not one, but two hairs in it. I've worked in a kitchen so I know that hairs can pretty easily get into food by mistake... but two? Unpleasant. I didn't say anything, maybe I should have, but didn't want to cause a fuss (especially in mandarin).

Also, the meal wasn't exactly cheap. $26 for the bland drink, $56 for the satay and $32 for the prata + service charge. I don't think that's very good value considering that I can eat cleanly with more food and a michelin star at a place like One Dim Sum.

So conclusion? I liked the food, and the boss lady was so extremely friendly. Does that make up for the hygiene issues and price? It softens the blow but I wont be rushing back.