Hangover Food, Hong Kong Style

After a few nights of being utterly worn out by 2 nights in a row of Lan Kwai Fong, and then a guitar hero party in Kennedy Town and not getting home until at least 4AM, my body decided to give in and give me a killer sunday hangover. This calls for some seriously greasy food in order to soak up the litres of Tsingtao & Cava still in my stomach. 

Mong Kok on a sunday is probably the worst place to go when hungover. Noisy, smelly, and claustrophobic crowds. If you can brave it however, there is Man Ga International (萬家燒餅皇) on Dundas Street.

This little streetside bakery looks fairly anonymous but these guys are famous for their Siu Beng Wong (Pepper pork bun) which I was keen to try.

Thirteen hong kong dollars buys you a large round hot baked pork bun, filled with juicy pork, chives and black pepper. Oily and meaty, the thing is absolutely huge, and extremely filling. And for $13, you barely have to think about all the money you spent the night before.