Champagne Heaven

One of the things I love dearly about Hong Kong is the low taxes on alcohol. Every self-respecting local and exchange student is familiar with Club 7-11. 

In fact, it's become almost a ratified practice to drink on the streets of LKF and Wan Chai from the cheap 7-11 drinks before heading into a club. And when certain bars charge 100HKD for a Gin & Tonic (as happened to me last saturday), who can be blamed?

For me, the fun comes finding extremely good value wine. Compared to Australia, the wine prices here are extremely favourable. I can get a good cool climate tassie riesling cheaper in Hong Kong than I could if I went to the cellar door of the vineyard that made it. 

However the real deals are to be had in champagne side of things, which is notoriously high priced and taxed (being a bit of a velben good). 

Here are two non vintage bargains I managed to pick up from my locals this week (enoteca and watsons wines). 

Firstly, Champagne Gosset Excellence, whilst not as characteristic as Gosset's vintage or 1er cru stuff, it's still a great demonstration of Gosset house style with emphasis on Pinot Noir. At 290 HKD, it's a steal.

The Louis Roederer NV is Cristal's little brother, a very serious and full body champagne. In my opinion one of the best non-vintage champagnes you can get, and too good to be true for $350 HKD.