Cart Noodle Love Affair

Made in Hong Kong Cart Noodle

Cart noodles are just wonderful. Before street dai pai dong dealers became a thing of the past, cart noodles could be bought on street corners with an old see lai skilfully dishing up a big bowl of noodle soup with whatever cantonese condiments you could imagine. Tofu, can. Fishball, can. Beef, can. Tripe, also can. You choose your noodles, ramen, vermicelli, instant, rice. These days the dai pai dongs are gone, but not the food. They're confined to cooked food halls, and the occasional cha chaan teng. 

I stumbled across a clean little cart noodle place outside the immigration office in Ngau Tau Kok, an area I wouldn't otherwise visit but for picking up my newly minted HKID. Lunch special was cart noodle with two ingredients and drink for $25. Felt like vegetarian so went for oyster mushrooms and chives, with a strong iced coffee. 

The soup base was tasty and the rice noodles were cooked just the way I like them, on the hard side. Add a little bit of chilli oil, and you've got a healthy and filling lunch on the cheap.

This place wasn't on openrice (or at least I couldn't find), but it's opposite the immigration office in first floor of the Wharf T&T Building in Ngau Tau Kok, opposite the old Kai Tak Airport site.